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About Us


We are 3rd, 4th and 5th generation ranchers having grown up here and lived here all of our lives in the Kamas Valley, specifically, the river bottoms known as Peoa, Utah. Our life consists of ranching and we share this with you through sleigh rides and wagon rides, engulfed by the quiet expanse of Mother Nature’s canvas.

Your experience begins with being introduced to our team, both people and Percheron horses, greeted at times by our other 4 legged friends and animals. Aboard a sleigh or wagon, depending upon the ground cover, we will wind down to the Weber River nestled next to the west hills of Peoa, over bridges, near ponds where you can take in the beauty of nature and experience what we call, everyday life.

We return back to where we started and you can hang out, take pictures of our team members and reflect on the amazing experience you just had. It is our objective to help make this an amazing memory that you will remember for a lifetime…or until next time when you get to experience this again.

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